5 Ways to Make Your Bridal Shower Memorable and Unique

How many times have you dreaded attending the bridal shower of a family member or friend for the fear of eating unappealing finger food and playing boring games? Let's face it, bridal showers and baby showers have held a negative stigma amongst our male counterparts for years. Why is this? There is no fun in spending hours playing the same traditional bridal shower games and eating bite sized vegetables and finger sandwiches. Let's go out with the old and come in with new. Here are a few creative bridal shower ideas that may appeal to your upcoming event.

o Cut out for Love- Invite close family and friends to bring their best cookie recipes for the bride-to-be. During the shower each person can exchange recipes. Allow time to bake a few batches of cookies that day for dessert. As a special way of thanking your guests, give each attendee a set of heart-shaped cookie cutters to take home with them.

o Girl's Night Out- Host the perfect girl's night out. Ask your girlfriends to share helpful advice about love and relationships. Make it an overnight event, if possible. This will be your last chance to spend the evening at a slumber party! Do not let your girlfriends leave without giving them a glamor girl lipstick pen to remember your special occasion.

o Love is Brewing- Throw an intimate tea party for your close family and friends. Allow your guests to bring their favorite tea (s) to share. Give your guests a heart-shaped tea infuser to remember your special day.

o Quotes of Love- Invite each guest to share there favorite "Love quote". Allow everyone to write their quote in a journal for you to read in years to come. Send each guest home with a miniature "Quotes of Love" book as a special keepsake.

o The Perfect Pair- Invite couples to attend your bridal shower. You are sure to have the talk of the town. Assign each couple a famous television pair to portrait. They are to be referred to as that couple during the length of the shower. Each pair will take turns acting out a scene from the TV show. This will be loads of fun! Send each couple home with a pair of salt and pepper shakers as your token of appreciation.

The key to hosting a memorable and unique bridal shower is to select a theme that fits the bride's personality. The theme should fall in line with the type of guests you are inviting. Lastly, give your guests a bridal shower favor that reflects the theme of the shower. Your guests will be sure to remember the great time that they had!

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