Hosting A Baby Shower – Plan It Well

Hosting baby shower is different from hosting other regular parties. The idea behind organizing a baby shower is not just to have fun. The real intention is to reassure the expectant mother who is full of apprehensions. And to provide her financial help by giving her gift items like diapers, baby bottles, lotions, soaps and so on that she would need to take care of her baby. While hosting a baby shower, you must plan it thoroughly so that it is of real help in cheering up the mom-to-be.

Where To Begin?

The very first thing that you need to have a clear idea of ​​is the budget or the total expenditure that is going to be incurred on the baby shower party. The number of guests you could attend to the party would depend on the funds available at your disposal. Thereafter, you should finalize the guest list. If the guest list appears disproportionate to the budget, you may consider striking off certain names that seem dispensable. In case that is not possible, the only option available with you is to have co-host (s). That would significantly raise your budget for hosting a baby shower.

Once you have finalized your budget and guest list, you can easily calculate the per head expenditure. Based on the per head expenditure that you can afford, it is possible for you to take a decision regarding the location / venue of the baby shower party. If your budget is limited, it is better to opt for hosting a baby shower at your or your friend's home. It would significantly cut down on your overall expenses and you would be able to spend more on beverage, snacks / food, and decorations.

The next step is to decide on a date for hosting a baby shower party and choose a baby shower theme for the party. The date of party should be at least two months prior to the due date of delivery lest the mother should go into labor early. The theme should be in consonance with your budget as well as tastes of the mother-to-be. For selecting a different theme, you have the option to browse the Internet.

Sending The Invites

You should be careful while making or ordering the invitation cards for the party. The invitation cards should amplly reflect on the theme of the party and contain all the requisite information viz. location, date & time, contact number (s), RSVP date, guide map, dress code (if any). You may even specify / suggest the type of gifts that should bring along for the mom-to-be.

Decorations And Games

It is important to decorate the venue for the baby shower as per the theme. The whole ambiance should be planned in the spirit of pregnancy celebration. Apart from this, remember to decide on and prepare for the baby shower games that would be played in the party. If you have trouble finding new and fun games, log on to Internet. Plenty of sites provide you information in this regard.

What To Serve?

Finally work out the menu for the party keeping in view the budget. You may have the food catered or cook it yourself at home. The best way is to have a combination of both. This would keep your budget under control and at the same time the food would be more varied.

While hosting a baby shower, it is vital to take into account all the above aspects in detail to make the event a success.

Source by Saurabh K Jain

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