Planning the Perfect Surprise Baby Shower!

There's nothing more exciting than sharing a friend or family member's joy at expecting a new baby! You want to be there for support, to help her in any way you can, and you want to throw her the perfect surprise baby shower. It can become frustrating when you're trying to make sure you have everything right, and keep it all a secret. Here are some great tips to help you throw the perfect surprise baby shower.

Have a co-conspirator!

You should enlist the help of someone close to the Mom to be, like the Dad to be, or perhaps a Grandma to be. They can be invaluable when it comes to certain things. For example, they would know what day would be perfect for the shower, and who or who not to invite. They can also give you inside tips as to what the mom might need for the baby, or what she already has. They will be able to help you get phone numbers and addresses for people to invite from both sides of the family.

Enlist the help of a few friends!

Keeping things organized and getting everything ready can be tiresome, but a few girlfriends to help you will less the stress on you, and keep things fun. You could assign different tasks to each one of you. For example, one person could be in charge of mailing the invitations and handling the confirmations. They could assemble the final confirmed guest list so that you know exactly how much food to buy, and how many seats to have, and how big of a place you will need for the shower.

Another friend could take care of shopping for the party, buying tableware, napkins, food, a cake, decorations, and gifts for the winners of the shower games. (Make sure to get a few extra gifts in case of a tie!) This would leave you free for other tasks, such as assembling the items you will need for the games, wrapping the gifts, finding the right place for the shower, and any other extras you want to include at the shower.
On the day of the shower, you could also get these friends to help prepare the food, set up, and decorate.


When you have a baby shower, you've got to have games. There are a few favorites that you may want to include in the surprise baby shower you are throwing.

Dirty Diaper … Get enough napkins for each one of the guests, including mom to be, to be able to pick one. Fold the napkins in half, and then over again. Squirt a bit of mustard on one of the napkins and fold it. Place the napkins in a basket and let each guest put their hand in and pick a napkin. Whoever picks the 'dirty diaper' wins a gift!

Guessing game … Purchase a lot of small baby items such as pacifiers or baby booties and place them in a jar after you've count them. Have the guests try and guess how many there are. Whoever comes closest wins a gift.

Do not say Baby …. Inform the guests at the proper time that they can not say 'baby.' At the end of the party, who is left that has not said baby wins a prize!

The most important thing about a surprise baby shower is that you, the guests and the mom to have a great time. These ideas will help you pull off a smooth, exciting and fun surprise shower!

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