Make a Personal Statement With Photo Invitations

The popularity of photo invitations has grown of late primarily due to the growth of digital cameras and home editing software. More and more people are turning to designing their own invitations. If you've ever received a photo invitation you would have noticed how personal they can be. Gone are the days of the mass produced and designed cards by the big card companies, these day's people are looking for a more personal feel to their invitations. The great thing about photo invitations is that they are so versatile you can use them for any occasion from weddings to birthday parties. Another good thing about photo invitations is that you control the process, from choosing the photos to personalizing the text of the invitation. Almost every occasion suits the use of photo invitations including baby shower parties, engagement parties, anniversaries, birthday and holidays to name a few occasions.

You can not escape it where you walk these days you'll see someone with a camera or a camera phone snapping a photograph. And thanks to editing software programs we can all claim to be expert photographers. The computer enables us to do some amazing things with photos from adjusting the amount of light the photograph has to changing the size of the shot. When choosing photos for your invitations it's important that you choose photos that are clear and bright, dull photos can ruin an invitation. Make sure the photos are of high resolution other you may experience printing issues. The use of black and white photos is a popular choice especially for traditional wedding invitations. Black and white photographs add a touch of class and an old world feel to the invitation. When it comes to the printing of the invitations you have a number of choices to choose from including doing it yourself to taking it to a local card store. If you have a small party and have access to a laser printer you can print your own invitations, for large parties it's recommended that you use the services of a card and printing store.

The ability to add a special photo to an invitation allows you the ability to add your own personal touch. I still remember a wedding invitation I received a couple of years ago. A black and white photo was taken at the beach with the details of the wedding drawn in the sand. It was printed in a postcard style invitation. The card was very effective in setting the mood of the wedding and showing the couple's creative side. The great thing about designing your own photo invitations is that you only really need access to a camera and computer and the rest is up to your creative talents.

Source by James G Coleman

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