Best Sex Position To Have A Baby

What is the best sex position that you should adopt if you are planning to have a baby with your spouse? Actually, there are a number of factors that will affect the chance of pregnancy.

If we are talking about the best sex position for pregnancy, it should not be a standing, sitting or a woman-on-top positions. These sexual positions will cause the semen to leak out of the women 'vulva and greatly decrease the number of sperm making their way to the egg.

So if you are planning to have a baby with your spouse, make sure that you adopt a man-on-top position. Missionary position will be a great position as it will be able to deliver the sperm closest to the cervix. Remember to place a pillow under the woman's hips so that her cervix can rest in the pool of semen for a short time, which will in turn allow the sperm time to easily swim up through the cervix.

The women should try lying down horizontally at least for 15 minutes after the man has ejaculated. This will allow more semen to remain in her vagina.

There are other important factors that also play a part to the success of having baby. Proper timing is a critical factor. If you are planning for a baby, you should have sex with your lover a day or 2 before the woman ovulates and then again on the day of ovulation.

When trying to conceive, do remember to have a prolonged foreplay to enjoy a better and intimate sex with your lover.

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