7 Main Reasons Why Your Baby Is not Going to Sleep

At some point or another, we will all have trouble getting our babies to sleep. Although some of the things I'm going to suggest may seem blatantly obvious, it can be very easy to become casual after a while and forget to do some basic checks. Here is a list of things you may want to consider if you are having this problem.

1) Not tired pr Over Tired: Sometimes in an evening, you just want to get the baby to bed so that you can have an evening to yourself. However, very often, if your baby has not yet given you any signs of sleep (yawns, dozing etc) then you will probably end up getting frustrated and take even longer to get them to sleep than normal. On the flip side, if you try and wait too long then you will miss the sleeping window and they will become over tired and irritable.

2) Too full / Need Winding: If it is still very soon after they have had their evening mean then it may be uncomfortable for them to lay down for sleep. I myself know how it feels if going to bed after eating a huge pizza 😉 Also, make sure they have burped / been winded as this will either prevent sleep or even make them cry.

3) Not full enough: This may sound like a contradiction of the point above but they are still hungry then they will have trouble setting until their appetite has been satisfied.

4) Over-stimulation in the day: Maybe you took them to a park, or showed them a flashy toy, maybe there were lots of visitors that day. There are many things that can over stimulate a baby's mind which can either give them problems settling and more commonly can wake them up from dreams / nightmares. If this happens, try limiting what you do each day.

5) Not having calm time / wind down time before bed: If you have just been playing with the baby and doing activities then you can not just suddenly put them to bed. The baby needs time to calm down first. Try lowering the lights, or putting on sift music, turning down the TV or reading a story. Make this a routine each night to give the 'Early bed time' signals.

6) Constant change of routine: It can take a while for a baby to get used to a routine so if you keep changing it then again, this is unsettling. For example, if you normally do Bath, Feed and Sleep in that order, then stick to it so baby knows what to expect next. Of course, at different periods of the baby's life, you may have to adjust the routine but once you have a new one that works, stick to it.

7) Teething / Baby unwell: Something I kept forgetting myself is if the baby was diarrhea, feeling hot and general unhappiness then it can be down to teeth. There are various gels and medicines you can use but quite often, I'm afraid sometimes it's just a case of a few days sleeping problems until the teeth completely cut through. If they are ill then you may also want to consult your doctor for advice.

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