Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Having a theme for a baby shower is not absolutely necessary, but it's a creative and fun way to host a unique shower. Here are some ideas for gender-specific and gender-neutral showers:


Think Pink

Decorate everything with various shades of pink, from streamers and banners, to plates and utensils. On invitations, ask everyone to wear pink. Make sure the cake has pink frosting, serve a pink punch or pink lemonade. Party favors can include pink mints, and pink confetti makes a great table decoration.

Tea Party

All little girls love a tea party! Host a party where various forms of hot and cold tea are served in delicate tea cups. Serve finger sandwiches and cookies with the tea.


True Blue

Just like Think Pink, but with blue instead. Make sure all decorations have some form of blue hue, and encourage guests to wear blue-colored clothing. Blue-raspberry candies make great favors!

Teddy Bears

For a boy, teddy bears is a great theme for decoration. Encourage guests to bring a teddy bear with them. Miniature bears can make great favors, and do not forget one for the top of the cake!


Ice Cream and Pickles (strange food cravings)

Many pregnant women have strange food cravings, and "pickles and ice cream" is one that is often referred to as the most common craving. Serve a variety of ice cream flavors and provide small cups for taste-testing. Serve a pickle tray, and / or choose pickle favors and decorations. You can even decorate a cake with icing-created pickle designs. Games can include having guests who are mothers writing down their own strange food cravings that they experienced while pregnant. Have other guests, or the mother-to-be, try to match the foods with the guests.


Have guests each bring a book or series of books that they either enjoyed as a child, or books that their own children enjoyed.

Noah's Ark

This one works great because guests can choose any animal as a theme for their gift. Decorations, foods, and favors revolve around an animal theme. (Great theme for twins, too – two of every animal / gift!)

April Showers

String lines of clothesline around the room and hang small gifts with clothespins. Use artificial flowers for centerpieces and favors, and you can use an upside down opened umbrella to collect gifts and cards.

Rubber Ducky:

Center your decorations around the rubber ducky. For a centerpiece, float a ducky in a glass bowl filled with water colored with blue food coloring. Have guests bring bath-themed gifts. Float duckies in the punch boll, and prizes of bath lotions, oils, etc. can be given to guests. Bright yellows with blue and orange accents can be used for decorations to keep with the rubber ducky theme.


Peas in a pod

Use green decorations. Cut out foam sheets to create the peas and pod for centerpieces. The cake can be shaped like a pea pod, or decorated with icing.

Sun & Moon

For a Yin & Yang type theme, opt for Sun and Moon. These two are often paired together, and finding decorations in this theme should not be a problem. Use blue and yellow as decorating colors

There are many, many ideas for creating a unique baby shower. If the event is not a surprise, consulting with the mother-to-be is always a good idea. In many cases, a theme is chosen in advance for the baby's nursery, so choosing a coordinating theme for the shower may be appropriate. The important thing is to have fun and celebrate!

Source by Tonia Jordan

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