Holiday Season and Baby Showers – Should You Have Them?

People often wonder whether they should hold a baby shower during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. You wonder if people will have time to attend the shower and will they have the extra money to spend on baby gifts. But with family in town, the holidays might just the perfect time to hold a party.

Holidays and baby showers can go hand in hand. Decorations, food, games and other festivals can all make the event extra special and one that will be remembered for a lifetime. Often, families get together for the holidays. Therefore, it is a perfect time to throw the mom-to-be a baby shower. Holidays are a time of joy. Why not add even more joy with the celebration of the upcoming birth.

If you are planning a baby shower in December, keep in mind the religious preference of the mom-to-be. If you wanted the baby shower theme to be around the Christmas holiday, you could paint mini trees, bells and stars pink or blue (that is if you know the sex of the baby). Otherwise, you could paint them in pastels, resembling baby colors. You could decorate the room to resemble walking in a winter wonderland. Cotton placed on the tables could portray a snow covered field. Glitter strewn about could also resemble the twinkle of the winter snow. Place candy canes and gingerbread through the rooms with the words "It's a girl" or "It's a boy".

If the family celebrates Hanukkah, consider doing the entire color scheme in white and blue colors. Pink and / or blue dreidels could hang around the room for decorations. Lights through the room can add to the festivals. Perhaps the family celebrates Kwanzaa. In order to tie Kwanzaa into the theme, decorate using red, green and black. Tie the seven principals and how they relate to the baby, into the theme. Ask guests to dress in festive clothing. A Kinara can be used as a centerpiece at the party. Since Kwanzaa focuses on the family and is a family holiday, it would be a great theme for a celebrating the birth of a baby.

The New Year often presents new beginnings. What better way to celebrate a new beginning than to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new baby. A baby shower that brings in the New Year is a great way to go.

There are many pros and cons to throwing a baby shower during the holiday season. In many cases, the holiday season is the perfect time to throw such an event. With a little planning and using the holidays as a backdrop, you can plan a baby shower that will not soon be forgotten.

Source by Donna Gorenflo

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