How a Filtered Shower Head Helps You Stay Clean & Healthy

Filtered shower heads help us to maintain the safety and purity of the water we bathe in every day. By removing contaminants from the water, they offer us a much safer way to get clean while avoiding getting ill from things we expose ourselves to in city water. There are several different filters and types of media in these shower heads but they all serve the same purpose- the removal of harmful substances from the water we use for cleaning our bodies. These contaminants include things like chlorine, iron and bacteria.

Filtered heads are generally marked in KDF which is made up of equal parts copper and zinc. These two substitutes work together to create an environment where the chlorine in water can be removed through the electrochemical process. This causes the chlorine to adhere to the zinc in the media, rendering it a harmless zinc chloride. This is a process which is more effective than that used by carbon filters, which can not deal well with higher water temperatures over time. This same media is also known for its ability to reduce the likelihood of fungus and bacteria from forming in the shower area.

Filtered heads offer protection from chlorine which can cause health problems and premature aging when left unchecked. For many with pre-existing conditions such as eczema and asthma, chlorine exposure can be especially harmful and can bring on more frequent attacks as well as worsening symptoms. Over time, prolonged chlorine exposure can cause possible heart and lung damage, hardened arteries, skin damage and even raise the risk of developing cancer.

Using a filtered shower head reduces these health risks and prevails the effects of hard water like dry, brittle hair and flaky, dry skin. After all; leaving the shower feeling fresh and clean should not be a luxury!

Source by Dante Braggs

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