How To Host A Baby Shower – Be Creative And Fun

Hosting a baby shower is an excellent way to the expectant mom that her friends and loved ones are just there for her and willing to take part in one of the joyous events in her life.

A baby shower is a fun celebration to welcome an upcoming baby. Also, it is a perfect time to provide the mom-to-be with items that she will need after she save birth. Aside from giving gifts, it is also a social event that may include guests from far places. Many moms see this event as a bonding time as well to catch things up with friends and family members that they have not seen for a long time.

If you plan to host a baby shower, deciding when to hold it is the first thing you'll need to do. Usually, baby shower are held one or two months prior to the mom's due date. However today, it is okay to hold a shower a month or two after the birth of the baby. Either way, if you are going to host a baby shower, make sure not to schedule it too close to the date of the delivery, avoiding complications of a premature or over due delivery.

If there are out of town guests, you have to make sure that the invitations will be sent to them four to six weeks before the date of the shower. This will give them enough time to plan their travel or fix their other schedules. On the other hand, you can send invitations two to four weeks to guests who live nearby. Shower invitations could either be homemade or store-bought. Specialty stores that sell shower invitations have a variety of themed invites to choose from. There are also invitations that are available to customize, letting you include a personal touch you want on the cards. Today, sending shower invitations via e-mailing is acceptable.

It depends on the time of the day when you decide for foods to serve. Also, you have to consider your budget and the theme of the shower. If you are on a tight budget, instead of serving hot meal or planning a sit-down meal, go for light ones such as appetizers. You may include pretzels, chips, vegetable salad, sandwiches, and other finger foods. You do not have to serve alcoholic drinks or beverages that contain caffeine for the benefit of the mom-to-be. Simple drinks like lemonade or fruit juices will do.

When you decorate the party, you do not have to go overboard, but keep the party simple instead. A few balloons and flowers are simple yet perfect for a baby shower. You may also consider hanging streamers or banners across the room, or better yet make a hanging d├ęcor on the ceiling or walls.

Baby shower games are not mandatory, but they are fun to include in the baby shower. They can serve as icebreakers to keep the party alive. Prepare for little tokens for those who win the games. Shower favors can be given at the end of the party to help guests commemorate the shower later on. These party supplies including shower invitations are now available online, in different themes, styles and prices to choose from.

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