Memorable Bridal Shower and Wedding Shower Favors

There are many bridal shower and wedding shower favors that are available today; online or in the stores around our locality. In anything you go to get the favors make sure you cut cost as much as possible where as you achieve the most exciting gifts as possible. Never compromise the quality because something is priced cheaply; always want to get more than you bargain for. Some of the most memorable shower benefits are as indicated below.

Photo magnets are very popular in many bridal and wedding showers due to the many designs and material that make them. Most photo magnets are made of gold, silver, composite, ceramics and various types of plastics. To personalize them you may add you engagement or any other special photo taken prior to the showers.

Votive candles and their holders can also form very memorable gifts. We have very many types of votive candles made of different material making your choice wider. In this favors the packaging which maybe in wrappers, mesh, boxes or pretty bow tied is very important to differentiate you shower from others.

Giving wedding mints is also acceptable where the tins are large or small depending on your choice. Their shape can be rectangular or round with selected images or names stuck on the side or the tin labels.

Miniature photo frame can also be given to the guests as tokens where the guest would put a photo of himself or herself taken together with the groom and the bride. Where set in the guest's house it always reminds him of the day of the shower and its success. This kind of gifts are acceptable all sexes and no one can ever say that he has enough or too many frames in the house for photo are taken every day and need to be displayed. Heart soaps that are presented in mesh or drawstring bags are very attractive and the guests can use them in their guests' bathroom. Soaps are popular due to their general acceptance by the public and their use that never ends.

Petite or small handbags are the vogue of the day and their inclusion as favors for both men and women boosts your quest to appreciate your guests. The handbags are not basically same as the large female handbags but can be used to store you small valuables as jewels, rare coins, rings and many other treasured items.

You can add excitement to the shower by including sugar stars which are added to the various drinks as garnish to tea, coffee, cocktails and other favorite drinks. Their cost is very little compared to other favors and they happen to be a necessity then no money is wasted. To cater for those who the idea is new to them include little cards a long side to explain on how to use them to avoid some guests embarrasing themselves by trying to pin them on their clothes or eating them as candies.

When you give card holders, it does not mean only the special made items for the function. Other item as wine goblets and champagne glasses can also be issued to serve the same purpose. You may have seen someone putting cards in a special bowl in his office or pencils in a wine glass. This shows creativity.

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