Theme-Based Baby Shower Menu

Who says your baby shower theme will just surround you and your guests? If you're really going for a theme-based baby shower, we suggest that you do it all the way. And this means having a theme-based menu!

Finding the right recipe for a particular dish is no longer difficult. There are so many websites like and, which contains a lot of recipes, and each comes with a review by food fanatics like you. Because of this, finding the perfect recipes, are just a few clicks away.

Which leave you the dilemma of what dish to serve. And with lots of choices out there, we are not surprised that you can not reach a decision among all those options.

This article will not tell you which specific meal to serve, since whatever we like does not need to mean that you will like them as well. However, we will help you limit the choices, and at the same time, help you come up with your theme-based menu. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

A little creativity goes a long way.

Let's say you want to throw a Pooh baby shower. A Pooh shower is pretty popular, but you might be stumped on what to serve your guests. Here's a little trick. In coming up with your shower menu for a theme-based shower, you could start with the favorite food of your theme character (s). If the main character is not a viable candidate, you could look to his / her friends. If everyone's favorite food does not happen to beible, then you might want to implement a different approach. Does the theme character remind you of a specific color? Taste? Does your character have hobbies that you could tie up to certain dishes? Because that could also help you determine what food to serve. Do not worry, we will be providing specific examples.

Let's go back to the Pooh shower that you are planning. Pooh absolutely loves honey, so you could approach this by serving sweet dishes or dishes wherein honey plays a big role. That should already limit your scope, and give you an idea which dies to prioritize.

But you could go beyond Pooh. How about something related to Rabbit? Nope, we are not recommending serving rabbit (unless you really want to). Rabbit is popular for his garden, and you could serve salads fresh from his garden, and make all your health-conscious guests happy.

Let's take another example. What if you are absolutely crazy on throwing a frog baby shower? But, after thinking about it, you are faced with the dilemma of what to serve your guests ?!

No worries, since that is still covered by the above formula. Green (frog color) and brown (color of mud) are two colors that we associate with frogs, and we want to start with that. Green means salads are in, especially leafy green vegetables. As long as green is really the major color, you could add other-colored vegetables, and your dish is still very froggy-like.

Pesto appetizers and pastas are also great candidates. And for your dessert, chocolate is absolutely in. But just in case you are not inclined to chocolate, then how about green tea cakes, to conclude your meal?

But you would not be limited to color-coded meals. Since many frogs live in ponds and lakes, and short of eating frogs (some countries consider frogs a delicacy, so you might want to try them), anything that lives in ponds and lakes that you considerible, are also great candidates. That should give you a greater assortment of dishes.

And lastly, some say chicken wings, if chopped correctly, look like frog legs, so you might want to go back to your chicken and hack them respectively.

By this time, you should already have an idea how to go about your shower menu. Once you learn the trick, you could choose even the most untypical theme, and come up with some amazing theme-based menu ideas. As we mentioned before, creativity is the key.

Just in case you have some problem coming up with your own theme-based menu, there are great baby shower resources out there, and they're just one Google away.

Source by Mary Uy

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