Baby Shower Food

If your baby shower is being planned as a surprise, the host should talk about the menu with the guest of honor when they initially meet to work out the details for the shower and, if it is agreed that the host will cater the food, then This should ideally be purchased in about a week ahead and the basic planning done a day or two ahead of time, providing the completing touches for the day of the party. You should not forget that your guests will also require something to drink and, as a common rule, the host should plan on serving up only non alcoholic drinks.

The pregnant mother can not indulge anyway and there is always a risk that if you do dish out alcohol some of the guests will indulge a little bit more than they should. For this reason, it is a good thought to leave alcoholic beverages out altogether. Serving non alcoholic beverages is also a lot less pricey but, at the end of the day, the option is up to the host. Appropriate drink selections for a baby shower should include a mixture of fruit juices, an assortment of soda, a tasty fruit punch served in a punch bowl and coffee and tea. Also, since drinks will not go off, they can of course be purchased a long time before the occasion.

Now, while the guest of honor will quite rightly be the focus of attention for the bulk of the proceeding, she will need to step out of the spotlight briefly to make way for the baby shower cake. A simple cake decorated with baby accessories and piped with the word 'congratulations' will do the trick nicely but, if the budget allows, a more elaborate cake can be converted into a really eye-catching center piece for your baby shower table.

If you are preparing to buy a cake from your local bakery then they will in all likelihood need about a weeks notice for a certain simple cake, but something more elaborate could take a lot longer and so this is one item that needs to be arranged well in advance. Of course you can always make your own baby shower cake, but this will reckon very much on how solid you are at baking and your level of skill as a cake decorator. Whatever your choice in terms of cake, drink and the food remember that uncomplicated food and good presentation is often essential to a successful party.

Fresh fruit and cheese and cracker tray work marvels on a baby shower food table. Add in some chips, pretzels and a few sweet snacks, such as cookies, candies and mints, and the baby shower food practically takes care of itself. Take care in the presentation to use some theme matching plates or colors to ensure the baby shower food table looks spectacular and it should be just perfect. Baby shower food preparation can be one of the greatest challenges for some hostesses to overcome. If a large budget is not available, in that respect there are some tremendous ways to pull off a great spread without breaking the bank.

Baby shower food like tea sandwiches and scones are kind of old style and girly, but the older people will love them and frankly most people will too. Use really thinly sliced ​​white sandwich bread, pepperidge farm makes a thin sliced ​​type that they sell in all the stores, some delicious fillings are cucumber with watercress mayo. Just light slice the beaten cakes and make watercress mayo in a food processor, 1 bunch watercress and 1/2 cup mayo mixed until smooth. Spread 1 slice bread with watercress mayo and a thin layer of cucumbers. Also like brie butter and thinly chopped ham or fig jam or thinly chopped carpets.

Your baby shower food is to set up a buffet style spread or place plates of starters around the room. Many shower organizers intentally scatter trays of food across the room to get people up and moving about. This frequently promotes everyone to circulate and mix with individuals they are seeing for the first time. Whatever you decide, do not forget to loosen up and enjoy yourself at the shower. Maintain in mind all the invitees are there to pass time with and display support to the soon to be mom (and dad). The food is just icing on the cake.

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