How to Use Fabric Shower Curtains Like a Pro

The fabric shower curtain can alternate alter the look of your bathroom. It is one of the most important components in giving your bathroom the best look and feel. Although these are used primarily for functional purpose, it can also enliven the overall feel as it blends with all the elements inside the bathroom. Your careful consideration on the type of curtains and liners will determine how it can enhance the overall look of your bathroom. You will have to seriously select the most appropriate hooks and shower curtain rods that would perfectly go along with your shower curtain as well as liner.

Most of us prefer a heavy and thick shower curtain for the privacy it provides. This is the no-see-through type of shower curtain that delivers maximum privacy. However, you can still pick out other alternative types of fabrics that are not too thick and heavy but still retain the privacy that we want to have from a barrier. You can meet this main concern by choosing the right color scheme for your shower curtain and liner. However, make sure that the color scheme is a perfect match to the overall color scheme inside your bathroom.

Some may dismiss such things as shower curtain rods and rings or hooks as trivial items. However, these are actually essentials in the overall look and design setup inside your bathroom. The color scheme that you are maintaining inside the bathroom will also have an impact on the selection of curtain rods and curtain hooks. Further, if you are contemplating a little bit of diverting, then you would also have to seriously consider the type of curtain rods to purchase. You have to specifically decide on the color and style of the curtain rods and curtain hooks. It must be able to blend and complement the overall character of your bathroom. For instance, a shower curtain with aquatic and fish prints on it can be blended to shower curtain rods that have green or light blue colors.

You can achieve balance in the elements inside the bathroom by using the right fabric. You have to select a perfect pattern and design that will be an ideal fit to the overall scheme of your bathroom. You can decide to either go for strips or dotted designs. You can be creative by deciding on fusible bonding to install the fabric to your shower curtain. You can also integrate a table runner or even a bit of lace or fabric made of sturdy material to splash a color break to your shower curtain. All you need to have is a grommet kit to achieve a clean and smooth finish of the table runner without the frayed edges.

If you want to have a bit classy, ​​you can decide to add vertical attractive patterns using needle and thread. You can create a perfect finish by stringing up objects for effect. You can attach beads, shells, dried flowers and a whole lot of fancy things which can further enhance the overall look of your restroom. On the other hand, if you are not an adept sewer, you can simply hang these materials in a vertical manner and you will still get the same effect.

Source by Chuck R Stewart

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