Baby Diaper Cakes Make Perfect Shower Gifts

If you have been invited to a baby shower, what should you get as a present? When you read baby blogs, the writer recommends getting a fun and colorful present – but make sure it's practical. What's practical for expecting parents? New parents go through clothing, diapers, and toys very quickly. A child gets bigger, outgrowing clothing in a few months, and certain toys become too simple over this time. Over the next year or so, parents will also go through a large supply of diapers for their child. Is there any way to combine these three items into one gift?

Baby diaper cakes have all of these attributes. With a colorful and decorative appearance, these baby shower cakes are made out of 80 to 150 diapers bound together. Giving the cake its bright appearance are the smaller items attached to the outside. Consisting of two to four tiers wrapped in ribbon, these practical cakes may have blankets, baby clothing, bath items, and small toys attached to the outside.

As far as being invited to or planning a baby shower, showing up with a diaper cake is always welcome. Baby diaper cakes make perfect centerpieces for such events, and once the party is over, the expecting parents have a large supply of diapers and other smaller items their new child can use.

Much like ordinary desserts, baby diaper cakes are never boring and cater to a variety of tastes. A vanilla cupcake with white icing becomes mundane, and a different color or sprinkles adds some variation to the appearance, and the same is true of diaper cakes. While pink and blue colors tend to predominate (and rarely can you go wrong with them), not all parents want a gendered shower. For these variations, unisex, animal-themed, sports team-colored, and holiday diaper cakes are easily found.

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