Put a Baby Carrier on Your Must-Have List

When you're expecting a baby, there is a seemingly never-ending list of things you need. You'll have to get a crib, a car seat, a stroller, plenty of clothes, diapers, wipes, pacifiers, and the list goes on. But one item can make life with a baby a lot easier, and it might not be on your typical baby shower registry.

Baby carriers allow you to carry your baby around with you without giving up the use of your arms, and in today's busy world, that is a valuable feature. Every mother loves holding her baby close, but every mother also has a growing to-do list-especially after the birth of a little one. Here are a few reasons to include a baby carrier on your baby shower registry.

Car seats are popular ways of transporting babies, and for good reason. Any time a child rides in a car, they need the protection of a quality car seat. But there's a reason they're called car seats; they are not designed to make it easy to transport your baby outside the vehicle. In order to protect your baby in a car accident, car seats are heavy, bulky and completely surrounding your baby.

You will love baby carriers because they weigh very little, keep your hands free and let you snuggle with your baby whether you're home, at the store or on a hike in the mountains. Say goodbye to drafted shins from lugging around your car seat!

When your baby is in the womb, she can hear your heart beat, feel your warmth and enjoy the soft cushioning of your body's natural shock absorbers. While it's difficult to recreate that environment, baby carriers can get pretty close. Infants in baby carriers are held close to your body, so your warmth and heart beat will be close enough to sooth your baby. Carriers are strapped to your body, so the ride is smooth, and your baby can more easily see what's going on around him. This creates a way for parents to bond with children even on the go.

There are several types of baby carriers you can choose, from classic carriers to baby slings to baby wraps. Some are more comfortable for you and your baby, others are particularly easy to use, but each allows you to carry your baby with convenience, style and safety. And that's something you and your baby will both love.

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